Are you leaving your body behind?

We leave or take flight from our bodies when we are in a state of emotional and mental stress or overwhelm. This can look like mindlessly scrolling through the Internet, busying yourself with work even though you are feeling exhausted, not eating even though you feel hungry, accidentally spilling your tea/coffee because your mind is somewhere else. 

As the body is often synonymous with one’s sense of self, whenever we leave our body behind, we are also leaving ourselves behind. 

We become disconnected from ourselves when we are not conscious of what’s going on inside, and when we are unable to tolerate or observe the truth of our experience.

Most of us were never taught how to connect, calm, and be in our bodies in a safe, trusting, and non-judgmental way.

Instead, we were taught to ‘thrive’ and survive in the world of intellect, action, success, and becoming something else other than ourselves.

Making the U-turn from functioning on auto-pilot mode to pausing and curiously attending to the sensations and internal signals of the body marks the beginning of a life-long friendship and honest conversation with your body and Self. 

This is the beautiful and mysterious path of embodiment, self-enquiry, and true healing.

So my invitation to you is this:  Make the U-turn today: bring your attention back to your internal, feeling, and sensing body.

Your body is worthy of your attention and respect…

Start gently by noticing what your body is holding in this moment… 

Start gently by noticing the sensations that live in the centre of your chest and back body. 

Can you allow yourself to savour the duration of three in and out breaths?

Place a hand on your forehead – what is the temperature of your body?

What about your temples – are they pulsing or still?

Allow yourself to be as you are without needing to ‘get rid of’ or ‘make sense of’ what your body is feeling. 

Your body knows. She has her own wisdom.

And if your body could speak, I think he/she would most likely say: “Please, please stop leaving me behind.”


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