We are not merely walking heads. We also have a body that is constantly in communication with us.
The internal felt sense of our body holds crucial information about how we are feeling at any given moment.
When was the last time you dropped in and paid close attention to how you were feeling from the inside out?
Sadly, we live in a culture that encourages disembodiment; we are often encouraged to live in our minds rather than in our bodies. 
And in eating disorders, we see the disconnection in mind and body in a very pronounced way. 
One becomes fixated, even obsessed, with their external, surface body, and thoughts about what, when, and how they should eat.
The mind dominates and runs wild with distorted images and perceptions about food and body image.
One loses true connection with themselves.

It takes practice and courage to look inward and connect with the felt sense of the body especially if the body does not feel like a safe place to be.
The bottom line is… the more aware and in tune you are with how your body feels from the inside out, the more aware and in control you will feel about yourself.
So, ask yourself, from time to time, how am I feeling in my body right now? Rather than just becoming lost in thought.
Be patient with yourself, and simply notice with curiosity rather than judgment. This is mindfulness.
The body keeps the score; it is always in the present moment. Your body is waiting for you to come home to it.


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