Are you aware of how your emotions are influencing your perception of your body?

We often see our bodies (ourselves) as “bad”, “fat” or “disgusting” when we are feeling upset or stressed about something. Becoming aware of the correlation between your emotions, perception and body image is a key skill to develop in recovery, and in rebuilding a sense of self.

We can be wearing our favourite outfit and best hair-do and feel deflated when we are feeling worried or stressed out about something. However, we can be wearing the exact same outfit and hairstyle, and feel completely confident and upbeat when we are feeling well on the inside.

Here’s a sweet little practice adapted from my friend Ann’s book, befriending your body. Try it out and see what you notice. What did you discover about the relationship between your feelings and perception?

The Pratice:

Use the following sentence to help you identify the most dominant emotion you are feeling in the moment (try to locate where the emotion lives in your body), and how it is affecting the way you see yourself.

  • When I feel ________, I believe that my body looks ________.
  • Example: When I feel anxious, I believe that my body looks fat.

With consistent practice, this will help you…

1) Develop a more attuned relationship with your body from the inside-out.

2) Accurately identify your emotions or how you are feeling in mind and body.

3) Find more effective ways to reduce the discomfort you feel and solve the real issue at hand, rather than fixating on how your body looks, or what you have eaten.

4) Reduce body image distress.

Good luck my loves. I’ll love to hear from you if you did give this practice a go!


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