I came across this quote while scrolling through old photos on my phone a few days ago. I knew right away that I had to share it here with you… Because wow… ain’t this the truth? Doesn’t this quote summarise the challenge of daily life, and what 2020 – a beautiful and brutal year – has taught us all?

What is your response to uncertainty, how do you react to the unknown?

My knee jerk response to the unknown is aversion and worry: “What is going to happen next? How will I cope with this (i.e. worse case scenario)?”. Thankfully… through years of practicing and applying the art of self-compassion and mindfulness, I’ve learned to welcome these groundless moments (that greet me on a daily basis) with courage and curiosity.

Life becomes expansive when I can meet these groundless moments with wonder instead of fear. Creativity and intuition returns when I release rigid expectations, and remember not to take my thoughts so seriously. My body softens from striving when I tune into my breath and let her counsel me about the truth of impermanence. Obstacles transform into solutions when I surrender my unnecessary struggles with reality. Mental and emotional space becomes available when I am able to meet myself with compassion.

The fundamental nature of life is change. Everything is constantly changing. From the very cells in our body, to our breath, our relationships, thoughts, emotions, sense of self, and the world we live in. Nothing is in a fixed and permanent state. We exhaust ourselves when we try to will things to go our way, or for things to remain the same. The tragedy we experience can transform into something beautiful. The beautiful into something more or less beautiful, and so on and so fourth. We call something bad or worry about what will happen, but the truth is we simply don’t know what will happen next. Life is like that, we simply don’t know. Life a wild adventure that is full of potential…

I hope this quote brings you some comfort, insight and inspiration as it has for me. May you take refuge in not knowing and in the present moment. May you make the best of what comes your way, instead of fixating on the outcome of what is yet to happen. May you be free from the burden of anticipation and expectation. May you trust in your own goodness, and in the goodness in life. May you lean into the delicious ambiguity and be at ease with imperfection and uncertainty.


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