When in doubt, remember this: A full body helps you to feel safe. Our brains and bodies are hard-wired to keep us alive. So naturally, when our body detects that we have undereaten for the day, she starts to speak to us in the language of sensation and also through thought. For example, you might find yourself thinking a lot about what to eat next, when you can eat, and feel more on edge, anxious, or irritable.

You don’t need to think whether you’re hungry, you simply know if you are listening to the internal signals of body and mind. Sadly, diet culture and the confusing messages we internalize from our environment start to distort our ability to be in tune with our natural bodily signals and trust our unique cravings, hunger, and satisfaction cues.

Get curious and start to notice how your perceptions and views around hunger, when to eat, satisfaction, and fullness are being distorted by any incorrect and even harmful beliefs.

Some common ones I often hear in eating disorder recovery and used to believe myself are: ‘giving in’ to your hunger makes you a worse/bad person, fullness is a sign of failure, delaying your meals makes you a better person.

What I know as truth is this: These views are wrong! They prevent you from feeling safe and from getting better. They need to be examined and challenged, and you can change them, and behave in a way that is truly caring and nourishing for you.

Feeling full and satiated helps your body to know you are safe and can rest. There is no need to worry about having enough energy to sustain your ability to function and thus survival. Just think, a baby can only fall asleep when h/she has had enough to eat and has a full belly.

I hope this post helps you remember why eating regularly, and adequately is the best thing for you, even if the mind tells you otherwise. Remember, a full-body helps you to feel safe. A hungry body puts you into panic and dis-ease.


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