What does recovery mean to you?

From a holistic perspective, any treatment that exclusively focuses on the medical, behavioural or cognitive component of recovery remains limited. As an eating disorder deeply disturbs the balance in the mind, body and spirit, treatment must give careful attention to these different but integrative parts of one’s wellbeing.

From this lens, healing and recovery becomes a golden opportunity for you to deeply understand and regulate your mind and body and reconnect with your soul. Your soul self, is an inner sense of who you are, the wholeness that you innately know, the self that recognises that the dis-order you are experiencing is not who you truly are. It is the part of you that wants the best for you, and is awaiting to blossom and live your life to the fullest.

In this way, I see recovery as a process of getting to know yourself again. Not just the parts of you that are unwell or struggling, but the healthier, vital and wholesome self that lies underneath your struggles.

Ultimately recovery is a journey back home to your true self. It is a process of learning to trust and connect with yourself (and others) in a loving way again. And this process can only be sustained with the right support, personal responsibility, relentless self-compassion, determination and patience 🙏🏼

My hope is that you will remember that recovery is not just about eating, how your weight is doing or about eliminating disordered eating behaviours. Such an understanding is incorrect, and it will only perpetuate the belief that you are broken or that something is wrong with you. Instead, remember that recovery is an opportunity to learn about how you can have a relationship with food, your body, mind and soul in a way that is balanced, nourishing and life-giving.


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