As humans, we are trained to look outside of ourselves for permission on what is the ‘right’ (aka safe) way to behave. This causes us to disconnect from our inner voice and our values. Illness and disease ensues when this disconnection becomes persistent. One becomes lost.

In disordered eating, hunger becomes the symbol for this disconnection. Not listening to your hunger is a sign that you do not trust yourself around food. This lack of self-trust will inevitably show up and affect other areas of your life as well.

Making peace with food and your body is synonymous with making peace with yourself.

Healing your relationship with food and your body is synonymous with healing your relationship with yourself.

When you start to honour your hunger, you start to say yes. Yes to your feelings, your needs, and your inner experiences. You begin to reconnect with your physical, emotional, and spiritual hunger. This will feel uncomfortable, but it is a sure sign that you are reclaiming who you are, and you are starting to come home to yourself.

Growth is never comfortable. Like a seed that has to push through the dense layer of soil to emerge as the mysterious, strong, beautiful, and magnificent tree that it is, so do you have to surpass the dense layer of illusion created by the eating disorder (the illness), to rediscover who you are.

Click here to start your journey: Make peace with food and your body today.

Stars by Ellie Davies 2014-2015

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