#Covid19 has undeniably challenged and changed our usual way of life 😢

Now that self-isolation and social distancing are the new norm, we are forced to imagine new ways of living and connecting with ourselves and each other.

Although we do not have control over the virus and what is to come, we do have control over one thing.

And what is that one thing?

Our attitude. That is, our ability to choose how we respond to our circumstances 💪

Let’s take inspiration from Viktor Frankl, a remarkable human being who survived the holocaust.

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*Cue: Story Time!*📖

Tormented, ridiculed, and utterly alone, Viktor Frankl was left with nothing but his bare bones to survive the harsh conditions of the concentration camps. Living in fear and uncertainty was his daily norm.

Just as he was about to give up on living, he understood something that would go on to determine his survival and freedom.

He realized that…

“Everything can be taken away from a man, but the ‘last of one’s human freedom’ – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

So guess what he did?

He chose to be of service to his fellow friends, and he started to appreciate the little things…He did not ignore his circumstances (I mean, how could he?), he simply chose to focus on the little glimmers of hope instead – He noticed how beautiful the sunset was from his teeny tiny window everyday, how the trees continued to grow, and he continued to foster a connection with his wive – whom he lost during the war – within his heart. He found meaning in an at environment of scarcity and fear.

Although day to day life remained unpredictable and painful, he pulled through, he survived.

I hope this story reminds us that we do not have to be victims of our current circumstances – or any in fact!

We can choose who we want to be, and how we want to behave during this pandemic.

The ability to choose our attitude in any given circumstances is one of our greatest superpowers. 


Use it wisely my friends 🙂

“Nothing outside of yourself is truly controllable. But the good news is that you have infinite and powerful control over your inner state. By letting go of trying to force the world or your partner or anyone else to be who you want them to be, you will be blessed with the energy to control what you can: your perception and responses” – Heatherash Amara




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